Isn’t It Messy? or… What is Companion Planting?

Q – Why mix vegetables, herbs and flowers?

A – Companion planting is the hands-on science of growing certain plants together to benefit one another by similar nutritional and water needs, by helping provide pest protection, by giving growth support, or other profit. Planting in a mix helps confuse and repel pests (bugs), draws beneficial insects that pollinate, and results in a beautiful, healthy garden.

For example, the Three Sisters planting is one of the most well-known companion planting combinations. Squash, corn and pole beans are all grown within a single area (typically a small mound). The beans fix nitrogen for the corn and squash, squash provides shade which helps prevent weeds from germinating and protects from animals from digging, and the corn gives the beans something to grow against vertically.

Vegetable crops can be grouped into four different families:
* Pest-Fighting
* Performance
* Nutritional Needs
* Botanical


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