Who Has Time or Money for a Garden?

Q – I want a garden but don’t have a lot of time to look after it. Suggestions?
A – A properly set-up garden doesn’t require a lot of time! Intensive gardening practices mean that we grow more produce in less space… less space to absorb water and nutrients, less space to require weeding, less space to take up out of a limited urban backyard. My Gardener Friend prefers a time-proven mix of “Square Foot Gardening” methods combined with companion planting, providing a nutrient-dense “cover” (see the excellent http://www.BacktoEdenFilm.com), and a bit of the English cottage garden thrown in for beauty and hardiness. This will result in a fairly densely-growing garden block that significantly reduces the need for weeding, fertilizing, and even watering.
Q – I want a garden but don’t have a lot of money. Suggestions?
A – There are a few initial investments that you’re looking at when you first set up a garden. Your soil must be sufficiently amended for optimal growth; this is as simple as adding compost, organic materials and heavy mulching to cover and preserve the soil. Having healthy soil is the majority of your investment (time, money and effort) with an organic garden. Using heavy mulch methods will drastically reduce both watering and weeding needs, as well as help the plants provide outstanding produce. With these methods, your garden will improve every year, without costly additives and supplements!


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