Chillin’ with Chives

May 2012 161

May 2012 159

May 2012 163

Chives in Bloom

What do you do when your chives set heads? Other than continuing to use them for everything you use the chive leaves for themselves, you can also make beautiful chive vinegar!
Simply use your fingers as rakes and pluck the flowers from their stems. Give them a good rinsing, then stuff them into a sterile jar. There are some really neat condiment jars around – try Hobby Lobby, if you are close to one! Or, of course, you can use a good canning jar. After the flowers are loaded, pour plain white vinegar to cover. More flowers = darker pink… less flowers = milder pink.
Leave the flowers in for a week or so, then strain them out if you would like. You may also keep them if you will be using the vinegar within a few weeks. The color lasts & lasts!
In the photos above, the pink jar was made about a week before, and the two purple jars were just made.


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