Companion Planting – Herbs & Marigolds

Ever heard of Companion Planting? It’s not gardening with a buddy… it’s the “backyard science” of growing certain plants together that provide benefits to both. Companion plants do all sorts of things for each other, from fixing nitrogen to repelling pests, improving flavor and growth to loosening soil and bringing up nutrients from the deep sub-soil.
Here are some herbs that grow well all throughout the garden, helping discourage pests, bringing in beneficial insects, adding beauty and color: garlic and garlic chives, caraway, yarrow, viola/violets/Johnny Jump-ups, calendula, green onions, parsley, valerian, thyme, tansy, marjoram, lovage and lemon balm.
But the workhorse of companion planting – the crowned hero of Pest Deterrents? MARIGOLDS. French, African or “pot” marigolds all have super-powers when it comes to gardens. They are also cheerful, colorful and hardy. Ranging in colors from pale yellow to orange, almost-red and variegated, the flower sizes also include small to massive blooms.


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