Gardening for Life

Want to grow more, healthier, tastier produce in your garden, without breaking the bank? Invest $20 in the new book “Gardening for Life” by Wayne Burleson, and start applying their ingenious methods! Wayne and his wonderful wife Connie garden in a USDA Ag Zone 4 garden in the foothills of the Absaroka-Beartooth mountain range in Montana. They also travel to 3rd world countries teaching native people groups how to grow healthy food using found resources and creative methods.
Wayne teaches that the health of any plant is in the soil, and that sometimes the old and mostly forgotten ways are best, feeding the soil and earthworms in order to gain a powerful health base for vegetables to really produce. To make these ideas work in modern America as well as poverty-stricken areas on other continents, he applies his natural problem-solving perspective to new ways of thinking.
It is a wonderful book, one I had the extreme pleasure and honor of pre-reading, and I recommend it highly!


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