2016 $45 “Get Started” Special

Gardens shouldn’t be a big WORK effort, and they also shouldn’t be a big expense!
Our “Get Started” special this year includes:

  • Site visit/survey within Billings/Lockwood city limits. During that visit I will help you determine the best place, size, style etc. for your garden. (I am available within the surrounding area as well, contact me for details!)Garden Girl
  • We’ll talk fences, compost, soil, sunlight, water, and your availability to maintain your garden (which helps us determine the size and focus of your garden).
  • We will discuss what types of vegetables, flowers and herbs grow well in our climate as well as what your family would eat.
  • I will give you area-specific information on seed starting and garden planting dates, varieties that do well in part-shade, deer-resistant plants, companion planting, and information about the benefits of organic gardening.
  • We will determine the best approach for your garden bed building itself, with detailed instructions given on how you/your family can implement this approach.
  • I will draw out a map with plant spacing and locations, so when it is time to plant, you know exactly what to put where (including seeds and seedlings).
  • My big focus is on helping you put in an EASY garden – easy to put together, easy to plant, to maintain, and to harvest! I NEVER USE TILLERS!! I’ll teach you how to let nature work its course and do the hard stuff for you.
  • I also prefer to NOT weed, I mean let’s just be honest! And frankly, who has time to constantly water a garden, especially for those who don’t have city water, but rely on a well or cistern? So I have methods to show you that can dramatically reduce your water needs!
    Let’s talk Gardening!

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