Want to grow a healthy, sustainable kitchen garden for yourself, friends and family without the need to rent a heavy tiller and spend hours every week watering and weeding?
Can’t afford the crazy prices of organic produce, but feel strongly that you want to feed your family the very best you possibly can?
Welcome to My Gardener Friend! We will work with you to help you create a garden that produces abundantly with minimal effort on your part. Our focus is on residential properties within the Billings, Montana (USA) area. Our services range from an initial site visit and consultation, through assistance installing your new garden, to ongoing help with maintenance and vacation care. We even provide some helpful recipes for you to try with your new produce!
TJ Wierenga is a local gardener who believes that anyone can learn to garden. She learned about growing at the soil-encrusted knees of her mother and grandmother who have gardened from Oregon to California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and Montana. “Real Life” gardens mean real life experiences, and when you are feeding your family with what you produce, you learn to find great methods and systems for the greatest productivity possible!
Give us a call at 406-371-5161 or email MyGardenerFriend@hotmail.com, and see if we can help you become the kitchen gardener you always wanted to be!


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