Greenhouse Plant ALERT

Have you heard of the gardening term “hardening off”? This refers to the process of taking a brand-new nursery-raised plant from greenhouse conditions (ie diffused light rather than direct sunlight, no wind) to real-world garden life. * Your new plants will look GREAT when you buy them… big tender leaves, lots of new growth, good […]

Companion Planting – Herbs & Marigolds

Ever heard of Companion Planting? It’s not gardening with a buddy… it’s the “backyard science” of growing certain plants together that provide benefits to both. Companion plants do all sorts of things for each other, from fixing nitrogen to repelling pests, improving flavor and growth to loosening soil and bringing up nutrients from the deep […]

Location, Location, Location!

Location, location, location! Whether you are looking to sell or buy a home or are searching for just the right spot to grow a kitchen garden for your family, location matters! It can be completely overwhelming to consider putting in a garden. For those who did not grow up with a garden in the yard […]

The Lawn Ranger

I despair when I see the lawn care chemical trucks start rumbling through town in early Spring. The little flags go up to warn folks to stay off the grass… I nervously check the wind, call my barefoot children in from outside, sometimes have to close the windows on the side of the house sharing […]

How to Get the Most Bang for your Gardening Buck

Following are a few varieties to consider for your own backyard. They offer the biggest “bang for your buck” as far as time and initial investment, and compared to their bland counterparts in the store. Asparagus: Imagine with me… (click here for more) .

Shade Crops!

Click here shade crops for some great ideas for crops that can be grown without full sun… and face it, few of us have endless full sun! Some crops actually prefer a bit of shade, particularly in the afternoon when the sunrays are hottest.