Teaching Easy, Organic, Sustainable Gardening

Have you ever thought about starting a small kitchen garden, but have no idea how to get started? Want to grow healthy organic food for yourself/family at home, with minimal start-up work and weeding?
I’m a big believer in minimizing the effort and maximizing the results when it comes to gardening! Who has time (or inclination) to rent a big tiller and wrestle with it for hours? Or once the garden is in, who wants to water daily or weed constantly? Not me! But there are easier ways to grow sustainable gardens without all the hard work and expense.
My Gardener Friend is a service that begins with a home site survey and helps you develop your idea of what you would like to see for your own kitchen garden. We work with you on the location of your garden, teach you how to build it (easy!), help you choose a mix of vegetables, herbs and flowers, and help you put the whole thing together. If you have always wanted to grow a garden but were concerned about the work necessary, we can show you easier ways with better production!


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